Perhaps you have chosen to be sexually active. Because you are a whole person, this choice may leave you vulnerable to certain risks in different areas of your life. Our Sexual Integrity Program will help you explore and identify:
• What are the 3 dimensions of sex?
• What are sexual personalities?
• What is sex without boundaries? ‘
• What is sexual exchange?
• What is sexual re-traumatization?
• Have I ever felt I have been used or unloved?
• What has my sexual history taught me about myself?
• Am I selling myself short to meet other’s needs?
Our sexual integrity program helps you answer these questions. It will empower you to make sexual choices that will keep you whole and healthy. The program helps you to explore your patterns of sexual history and guides you to a place where you feel affirmed and self-reliant. You will learn to
• Recognize roadblocks to sexual success,
• Identify the different types of sexual expression
• Identify the types of sexual partners you are attracted to
• Are you a good match; Is it time to break up
Your choices affect your future…
• Pregnancy
• Sexually transmitted diseases
• Abortion
• Dating violence
• Abuse — physical and verbal
• Difficulty trusting
• Depressed
• Confused
• Angry
• Used & hurt by others
• Lack of peace
• Feeling that God is far away
• Feeling un-worthy of God’s love
• Wanting to start over
• Reputation
• Not feeling special to someone
• Boyfriend not respectful
• Loss of friends
• Being treated differently
Your choices even affect your future spouse and children. This is a very important time and your choices will impact others.

Our Sexual Integrity Program consists of 9 one-hour sessions on Tuesday mornings.
All participants will earn a Certificate of Completion and a Target gift card upon finishing!


What is the Achieve & Receive Program?

Hours for A&R:
There will be no hours for the Achieve & Receive Program during July and August of 2017

To make an appointment (we do not take walk-ins for Achieve & Receive) call Gwyn, the Program Coordinator, at 443-255-1993

A & R allows you to receive free items for your baby by taking pre-natal, parenting, and self-help classes.

How does the program work?

When you come to learn about caring for yourself and your baby you receive Mommy Dollars that can be exchanged for any available items such as clothes, diapers, car seats, etc. You can shop in our store that contains numerous and different items.

How do I earn Mommy Dollars?

You can earn $1 Mommy Dollar by arriving on time for a scheduled appointment; by watching a 30 minute parenting video; by taking home articles to read; or by having that baby’s dad participate with you.

How much do items cost?

Outfits are 50 cents; diapers are 50 cents a dozen; car seats are $7.00. You can choose to spend the dollars as you earn them or save for a larger item like a crib or bassinet.